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GPT 4 Turbo + Unlimited Usage!

Powered by

GPT 4 Turbo + Unlimited Usage!

Get our Secret Ai Tools to Scale Your Business Without Spending Time or Money!

Exclusively designed for Coaches, Trainers & Industry Experts!

Exclusively designed for

Coaches, Trainers & Industry Experts!

You Will Get:

3 Days Live

MetaHuman Challenge


Ai Tools

Powered by

GPT 4 Turbo




What will you discover in

3 DAYS MetaHuman Challenge

DAY 1 (21st Feb, 7 PM IST)

Know Yourself, Your Brand & Your Target Audience With Ai Tools

Ai Tool - 1

Nano-Niche Navigator

Get the clarity for choosing the right nano-niche. A Journey Towards Niche Mastery!

  • Identifies Hidden Nano-Niches
  • Helps you to set right direction for building the company's foundation.

Ai Tool - 2

🔍Audience Analyst

Unlocks Key Insights for Personalized, Impactful Audience Engagement Strategies

  • Identifies Top Hidden Audiences
  • Helps you to discover the psychographics of hidden target audiences within your niche.

Ai Tool - 3

Expert Positioner

Upgrades Your Industry Positioning To International Standards

  • Upgrades Your Expert Positioning
  • It analyzes your current positioning and suggests the necessary upgradations for elevation.

DAY 2 (22nd Feb, 7 PM IST)

Build A Scalable Foundation With Ai Tools

Ai Tool - 4

USP Creator

Creates Personalized USPs for Business Expansion

  • Crushes Your Competitors
  • It helps you create blue ocean within the red ocean


🚀Hybrid Acquisition

(Mega Launch)

Get a Sneak Peek into a new way of acquiring customers

  • Faster than Organic & Cost Effective than Inorganic Ads
  • Get the Sneek Peek of this Saas
  • Experience Live Demo
  • Works on Large Action Model (LAM)

Ai Tool - 5

Conversion Craft

Crafts Persuasive Landing Page Copy to Boost Engagement & Drive Conversions.

  • Enhances Your Landing Page Conversion
  • Personalized Recommendations

DAY 3 (23rd Feb, 7 PM IST)

Build An Irresistible High Ticket Offer With Ai Tools

Ai Tool - 6

Brand Pulse Architect

Crafts the heartbeat of your brand for smooth long term scalability

  • Ensures a vibrant and resonant market presence.
  • Aligns vision and mission with your core values.

Ai Tool - 7

🔥High Ticket Offer Creator

Creates & Upgrades Your High Ticket Offer

  • Trained on all the psychological & emotional triggers of a customer.
  • Crafts High Ticket Delivery Framework for easy implementation.

Ai Tool - 8

High Ticket Offer Naming Specialist

Creates innovative, high-value framework-style names for high-ticket offers

  • Tailored for Coaches, Trainers & Industry Leaders.
  • Helps you select best customized brandable names for your products & services.

Break Free from the Ad Spend Trap:

Discover the Ai-Powered Path to

Organic Success

Dr. Vijay Prakash & Ankit Singh

Niche Ambassadors Mentors

Creators of Ai Consciousness Industry



A Spiral of Spending and Stress

Seeing your hard-earned money disappear into ads with reduced returns, under relentless pressure for slim 25% margins, makes the dream of 80%+ seem far out of reach.


Rising Costs and the Urgency to Act

As CPA costs are set to 3X by 2025, delaying the switch to an Ai-powered organic strategy risks drowning in rising expenses, making it crucial not just for survival but for thriving and leading in the digital landscape.


Ai Is Here To Rescue You

What if you could escape, boost your profits, and spark organic growth? Picture using Custom Ai Models to help you craft content that truly resonates, effortlessly broadening your reach, strengthening your brand, and growing your community.

Our Journey To Mastery

How We Evolved As Master Mentors

Our Awards & Recognitions

We're Scaling Fast! Grab This Lifetime Deal Before We Reach Your Competitors!

Questions & Answers

When does the MetaHuman Challenge™ take place?

The challenge takes place in 3 sessions:

Wed, Feb 21, 2024

Thur, Feb 22, 2024

Fri, Feb 23, 2024

Each Regular Session runs from 7 PM to 8:30 PM IST

VIP Ticket holders will join VIP Session at the end of each day from 9 PM to 11 PM IST

Who is the MetaHuman Challenge™ for?

The MetaHuman Challenge™ is only for Coaches, Trainers & Industry Experts who are looking to grow their business organically!

If that's you, then tell me if you could recover your expenses via organic, will it not increase your margins? will it not help you to compound faster next month?

Then why not register now and leverage our Ai Models to save your time in implementing organic strategies?

What if I spend less than 1 lakh rupees in monthly ad spend but I'm committed to growing, can I still attend?

Well you could, the Ai Models we cover are advanced. And the MetaHuman Challenge™ is designed to help people in scaling their Business.

However, if you're ready for GROWTH – and you feel up to the challenge – why not register now?

What will I get out of this challenge?

You'll only get as much as you give back into the Challenge.

Your CURRENT BUSINESS STATE, TIME, FOCUS and IMPLEMENTATION of our Ai Models will determine what you're going to get from our Ai Models.

Remember, the Quality of Output is determined by the Quality of Input that you feed into Ai Models.

So the real question is, are you confident enough that you're an expert in your niche? if yes, you're ready to register.

But if you're beginner, this challenge is NOT for you.

Is the challenge in person? Where does it take place?

The event takes place live virtually on Zoom.

NOTE: I advise all challengers to dress up for the occasion and represent yourself and your business in a professional manner, just like you would for a live in-person event.

Is the event live or recorded?

The challenge is streamed LIVE from my office in Bangalore. You get 3 days with us LIVE where we will share access of our Ai Models to scale your business organically, and a VIP Session each day if you're a VIP.

Can I ask direct questions?

Yes. VIPs will get 1-1 Hotseats where we will dive deep into your Coaching Business and will share our insights on how to take you to the next league!

Will I get recordings of the event to watch later with my team?

No, there will be no replay or recording because a recording won't give you the full experience of being there live.

I understand, even we have a busy schedule. But, if You're really serious to compound faster safely, then you will find the time and will book your 1 week calendar with us, period! No Excuses!

What if I'm too busy to attend? I don't have time.

This is exactly why you need our Ai Models because I understand how difficult it is for you to find time to create organic content consistently without expecting an immediate return.

This is why we leverage Ai to give us time freedom so that we spend most of our time in live meetings and minimal time in organic funnels, without compromising with the quality.

What if I want to invite members of my team?

Sure, you have the flexibilty to share our zoom invites with your inner circle team only.

Especially if you're VIP, this is the best gift you can give to your team.

Why not register you and your teammates now and upgrade to VIP and let entire team experience our VIP Priviledges.

What if I don't invite my team, can I execute your ideas without my team being at the Challenge?

Absolutely, when it comes to Organic, your fans would always love to hear from you and they want to learn from you directly.

This is why you should leverage our Ai Models to free up as much time as possible and spend minimal time in organic approach and with a goal to recover the ad expenses via organic.

What money-back guarantee do you offer for VIP Tickets if I attend the MetaHuman Challenge™ and decide it's not for me?

Our #1 priority is not just your satisfaction with your training investment with us, but we want to EXCEED your expectations.

Our Regular Ticket is FREE, we only charge for VIP Tickets.

After attending the entire 3 days MetaHuman Challenge, if you're not delighted beyond your expectations in VIP, ask for a refund of your VIP Ticket up to 7 days after the event. Keep any bonuses you were gifted by us.

How do I get started?

Just scroll back up to the top or click the button below, enter a few details, and you're in.

We are scaling our campaigns and anyhow we will reach your competitors and your mentees. Why not do it now and take the early mover advantage with lifetime licenses of our Ai Models?



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